About Kwizda Agro

Concentrated competence for our customers.

The Kwizda corporate group has spent many years in a leading market position in industry and trade in the field of life sciences in Austria and its neighbouring countries. The business fields include pharmaceuticals, pharmaceutical wholesale, agriculture, plant substrates and sheet roofing and sealant sheeting, in which about 1,100 experienced and optimally skilled employees are employed. The cornerstone of the company’s success is its consistent focus on pioneering technology in all corporate sectors which makes it possible to repeatedly set new standards on the market. Since the foundation 160 years ago, Kwizda has been a family-run company under Austrian ownership. Now in the fourth generation, the group has been managed by Mag. pharm. Richard Peter Kwizda (≈ Masters in pharmaceuticals) and Dkfm. Dr. Johann Franz Kwizda (≈ MBA) since 1978. Predominantly through commitments and company foundations abroad, the pair has successfully promoted the internationalisation of the company, making it possible to secure the leading market position of the Kwizda group.


The pioneer in Austrian pest management. The source of our success goes back to the founding year of 1926. Since this time, we have decisively helped to shape the development of modern pest management in Austria with lots of knowledge and commitment. Decisive innovations, outstanding product quality and the competence of our employees have remained the performance characteristics of Kwizda Agro to this day and have made our significant position on the Austrian pest management market possible.


Competence and research for healthy and productive agriculture. As a traditional Austrian company, we have characterised the development of chemical pest management with our products and innovations to date. We will continue to maintain this role, which is so important for the entire agricultural industry, and expand our own geographical borders and open up new markets with our many years of experience and knowledge together with our good access to the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Our wide, innovative product portfolio and the constructive partnership with researching industry are just as essential
as the tailor-made and professional, highly competent consultation of our customers in order to secure our longterm objective of healthy, productive agriculture which is profitable to the operators.


Knowledge, quality and service define our actions. Kwizda Agro is positioned on the Austrian, Central and Eastern European pest management and biocide market as a competent and service-oriented company with sustainable growth potential. In our work, we concentrate on two strategic focal points: on the one hand, on the intensive and long-term cooperation with companies from the research industry and, on the other hand, on a wide network of trade partners and users in the markets that we deal with. As a result, we ensure direct and sustainable access to innovations in pest management for ourselves and can offer our customers a reliable partnership with the best level of service and high professional and social competence. We declare our belief in integrated agricultural production and focus on both pest management and the protection of the environment and man. As a result, we make a considerable contribution to the safety of feeding a growing population with limited soil resources.