Company History

Korneuburg in the year 1853.

Franz Johann Kwizda, Mag. Pharm., founds the pharmacy "Zum Schwarzen Adler", which was soon to become one of the foremost production centres for veterinary and pharmaceutical products in the Habsburg Empire. "On horse for horses" subsequently became his motto. It was not too long before his many years of research were duly recognized: Kwizda's restitution fluid for horses was awarded an imperial and royal patent and demand for it extended far beyond the borders of the empire.

160 years later the Kwizda group is still a family owned business with more than 1000 employees. It has subsidiaries all over Austria and several European cities. Kwizda has become market leader in the sectors pharmaceuticals (trade and production), agrochemicals, plant substrates and roofing and sealing materials.

Kwizda Agro is a successful Austrian company on the Central European market. With our products and our know-how, we are preparing the ground for sustainably strong agriculture – ensuring one thing above all: secure growth in the sector.