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For over 25 years, Kwizda Agro | Biocides has been setting standards in the production of high-quality biocides for private and professional use. Our unique formulations satisfy those around the world due to their high effectiveness and environmental compatibility.

Full efficacy

Full control of pests (formulation, packaging and application)

Regulatory safe

Full BPR compliance of formulations

Green/eco portfolio

Eco-friendl/natural activities

Circular economy

Sustainable packaging, control of environmental residues

Our effectiveness has an origin

Our employees are passionate about the success of our products from inception onwards. This is where the highly specialized knowledge of our experts and their global research network comes into play. Concurrently, we can study the full life cycle of insects in our in-house insectarium at our production sites. This enables us to integrate our control solutions at a very early stage of development.

Promising future

We offer a promising infrastructure. Our entire production is subject to the strictest quality controls and can be quickly adapted to current market developments and customer requirements. This flexibility is ensured by our capable state-of-the-art equipment at our locations. In total, we have obtained more than 500 product approvals for 700 international brands in the past 25 years.

Key functions and core assets

  • AMP exclusitivy (EU 27) and notifier of new actives
  • Entomological expertise own insectarium and global network
  • New green portfolio
  • 25 years Kwizda Agro | Biocides: More than 50 biocide formulations
  • 40 years agrochemical: High-end expertise in xomplex agro-chemical formulations
Product design
  • > 30 BPR applications and dose rate concepts
  • Packaging development: >120 packaging alternatives
  • Market positioning experience on international level
  • High BRP expertise 12 dossiers based on 4 actives submitted
  • >500 product registrations
  • >700 international labels
  • Outstanding quality performance
  • High lead-time reaction capabilities
  • Multiple packaging lines
  • Own production facilities
  • 25 years market experience
  • More than 200 customers
  • Sales in 40 countries across 4 continents
  • Full technical support
Kwizda Agro | Biocides at a glance

Our broad network of offices and locations are located throughout Europe. We offer highly specialized know-how in the formulation, registration, and production of efficient and environmentally friendly biocides for private and professional use.

Facts and figures


years of market experience


more than 500 registrations


BPR Dossiers




more than 200 customers


actives in more than 40 countries

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