Comprehensive know-how and sophisticated technology. Midwife for marketable products

Our knowledge and skills for innovative plant protection solutions

We’re committed to our customers’ success from the very first minute of the development process. Our experts will support you with formulation design, feasibility studies, and optimizing the manufacturing processes. We work closely with the customer’s project team so that we can ensure a quick and successful transition from the test phase to the industrial scale-up.

State-of-the-art production facilities for your products

Our infrastructure forms the basis for successful projects. Our technological center has pilot facilities for fluidized bed granulation, all relevant types of liquid formulations and microencapsulation technology. As well as development work, we also supply laboratory-scale materials for greenhouse and field studies, 5-batch samples for further GLP analyses, and marketing samples for product launches.

Comprehensive know-how and sophisticated technology for the development of your product

The plant protection of tomorrow is based on the research of today. The development of new formulations in plant protection and in the field of biocides requires extensive knowledge of the market standards for these new products.

Before we get started with developing the formulation, we work together with product management to create a profile of requirements for the new product and work strategically to fulfil these requirements. This begins with the selection of a suitable formulation type that takes the physical and chemical properties of the active substances into account, and continues all the way to the special requirements specified by the customers and the market.

Tailored technology

Depending on the scope of application, pesticides need to feature various physical properties. To comply with the wishes of our customers and the industry, we develop different types:

  • solid formulations as granules
  • liquid, water-based formulations (suspension concentrates)
  • aqueous emulsions and emulsion concentrates based on renewable raw materials
  • microcapsule formulations

and much more

Modern equipment and comprehensive expertise

In the microbiological lab, we work on the development of biological pesticides based on systemic resistance-inducing and entomopathogenic fungi and their spores (Beauveria and Trichoderma genera).


In cooperation with university research institutes throughout Europe, we search for new biogenic principles that can be applied in the form of sustainable, user-friendly and safe products.



In addition, Kwizda Agro also has a patent for the production of crystalline formulations for special areas of use such as termite control.

In the area of biocides, we develop, amongst other things:

  • granular bait
  • gels
  • pastes

In the insectarium, we can carry out tests with 3 different species of cockroaches (Batella germanica, Blatella orientalis, Periplaneta americana), household ants (Lasius niger) as well as pot tests with larvae that live in the soil.

And the precise analysis of new formulations also plays a major role in the success and effectiveness of new products. We have all the necessary equipment at our disposal to conduct even the most complex of analyses ourselves, such as HPLC-UV, GC-FIC, GC-ECD, Malvern Mastersizer or Camsizer. At the same time, we also offer shelf life tests according to the CIPAC standard in our own climatic chambers. And if we ever receive requests that cannot be fulfilled with the available equipment, we have recourse to reliable external development partners.

State-of-the-art equipment, adapted to suit the needs of our customers

We have a vast range of highly specialized facilities at our disposal for the development of a broad variety of different products. In addition to our microbiological lab and the insectarium, we also have the following available for the development of formulations:

  • temperature-controlled dispersion kettle (volumetric capacity of up to 250 liters)

  • three ball mills (0.2 to 2.0 liters of milling chamber volume)

  • a microcapsule facility

  • a fluid bed granulator

  • all the necessary mixing and dispersion apparatus as well as

  • our own seed coating machines.


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Our Val d’Izé plant forms the cornerstone for Kwizda Agro’s production in France and for the filling and assembly of highly-effective biocides in Europe.

We develop innovative formulations for your application

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