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Our products and packaging stand for efficiency and the highest environmental standards

Against the background of the challenges of our modern society, we at Kwizda Agro | Biocides have made sustainability the focus of our activities. However, a significant part of this commitment is not visible on the sales shelf: For example, we rely on BPR-registered active ingredients with the highest environmental compatibility when formulating our products.

Focus on a green portfolio

In addition, the environmental performance of our entire production is controlled per the strictest EU standards. Our researchers in our in-house insectarium work together with a broad network of international laboratories to continuously optimize the effectiveness and environmental compatibility of our product solutions. Kwizda Agro | Biocides is clearly geared towards providing the best “green” portfolio of highly effective biocides for your application.

Intelligently packaged

In addition to the environmental friendliness of our products themselves, the packaging also plays an important role. To get closer to our goal of 89% sustainable packaging by 2023, we are relying on three key components:

Resource conservation

Wherever possible, we switch to the use of recycled materials to conserve natural resources.

Green packaging

To reduce the use of materials of fossil origin, we mainly use plastics of vegetable origin.

Reduction through design

With the help of well-thought-out designs, we reduce packaging material and thus ensure that waste is avoided.

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