PYR 0,25 DIAT 6,25 MG

Find out more about our new insecticide with a unique combination of natural-origin active ingredients

Discover PYR 0,25 DIAT 6,25 MG: Our New Innovative Insecticide Solution

Unlock the power of nature with PYR 0,25 DIAT 6,25 MG, our new insecticide that harnesses the strength of natural-derived active ingredients.

Dive into the details of our new product that offers:

  • Combination of complementary natural origin actives
  • Multi target control with protection on a wide range of crawling insects
  • Safe  and easy to use 
  • ZeroDust microgranulation technology to limitate the risk of exposure
  • High performance formulation
Key Features of PYR 0,25 DIAT 6,25 MG

Complementary Active Effects
Pyrethrum made from the dried flower heads of Chrysanthemum boosted by physical effect of Diatomaceous earth. A unique combination of plant- and mineral-origin actives with different modes of action to reduce the risk of cross-resistance.

Efficacy & Safe Application
High performance formulation, ensures an immediate and long-lasting protection against crawling insects up to 12 weeks. ZeroDust microgranulation technology to limit the risk of exposure.

Multi target control
Ants (Lasius niger, Monomorium pharaonis), Cockroaches (Blatella germanica, Periplaneta americana, Supella longipalpa), Ticks (Ixodes ricinus), Fleas (Ctenocephalides felis), Silverfish (Lepisma saccharina), Woodlice (Armadillidium sp.)

Double Mode Of Action
Pyrethrum acts on the central nervous system, by blocking the transmission and the regulation of nerve signal causing death. Diatomaceous earth affects the insect by damaging the cuticula and adsorbing the lipids protection from the insect´s exoskeleton

Stop Crawling Insects

Protection on a wide range of crawling insects.

Fast mode Of Action

Fast action and protection up to 12 weeks, reduce the risk of cross-resistance.

ZeroDust Microgranulation Technology

Safe application with no dust emission.

Easy Application

RTU micro granules easy and safe in application.

Plant- and mineral-source

Active ingredients with different and complementary mode of actions.

PYR 0,25 DIAT 6,25 MG is distinguished by its incorporation of two naturally derived active ingredients, each selected for its unique properties and mode of action against a wide range of crawling insects. Together, they offer a powerful, environmentally considerate solution for pest control without the use of synthetic actives or added PBO.

  1. Pyrethrum: The Natural Protection from Flowers

    • Origin: Extracted from the dried flower heads of Chrysanthemum cinerariifolium, pyrethrum stands out for its plant-based efficacy.
    • Mode of Action: This active ingredient targets the central nervous system of insects. It blocks the transmission and regulation of nerve signals, leading to the pests' demise.
  2. Diatomaceous Earth: The Mineral Disruptor

    • Origin: Diatomaceous earth is a soft, crumbly sediment derived from the fossil remains of diatoms, a type of aquatic organism. Its composition is primarily silica, accumulated over millennia in freshwater and marine environments.
    • Mode of Action: By damaging the cuticle and absorbing the protective lipids from the insects' exoskeleton, diatomaceous earth dehydrates and physically eradicates pests.
ZeroDust Microgranules Technology

PYR 0,25 DIAT 6,25 MG employs ZeroDust Microgranulation Technology to improve the application and safety of insect control. This technology ensures even distribution of active ingredients in the granules, which enhances their effectiveness and duration of action.


  • Even Distribution: Active ingredients are uniformly dispersed within the granules, making the product more effective.
  • Low Dust Emission: The granules have a small, selected particle size, reducing dust release during use.

Comparing with Traditional Insecticide Powders:

  • Reduced Exposure Risk: The microgranulation process minimizes the risk of inhaling potentially harmful dust.
  • Stability: These granules are more stable and don't clump together, maintaining their effectiveness over time.
  • Storage and Shipping Efficiency: The denser formulation of the granules means they take up less space, facilitating easier storage and transport.

This approach to insect control with PYR 0,25 DIAT 6,25 MG focuses on user safety and practical application benefits.

 Efficacy Tests

Our efficacy tests for PYR 0,25 DIAT 6,25 MG showcase its enduring performance against a range of common pests. From initial application to the three-month mark, the results are compelling:

These results indicate that PYR 0,25 DIAT 6,25 MG provides a reliable, long-lasting solution for pest control, maintaining its potency and efficacy for at least three months after application. It's a testament to our commitment to delivering products that perform consistently over time, ensuring your peace of mind and safety.

Designed for white-label production

PYR 0,25 DIAT 6,25 MG is especially designed towards your branding-needs completely via white-label production. Benefit of our core assets: research & development, production and circular economy packaging to upgrade your portfolio with this unique formulation under your very own brand. Get in touch with our sales team to produce this as a white-label product.

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