Europe’s leading deer repellent TRICO® receives registration for Canada.

Innovation from Kwizda Agro starts its success story in North America. Product provides efficient, effective and easy-to use protection against deer, elk and moose.


Vienna/Ottawa, May 10, 2022 – Europe‘s leading deer repellent TRICO® from the Austrian family company Kwizda Agro continues its success story in the North American market. The product was fully registered in the US in 2020 and is now approved in Canada for use in forests, viticulture, apple orchards and on various ornamental plants. TRICO® will be available to protect young trees and shoots from browsing and damage by deer, elk and moose from autumn 2022. TRICO® is produced in Leobendorf/Austria and exported to North America, where it is filled and packaged.

“With the registration in the US and now Canada, Kwizda Agro continues to expand overseas. There, TRICO® can make an important contribution to a faster, sustainable and successful reforestation after the devastating forest fires in recent years, because it can be used from seedling to grown trees and is suitable for spring and autumn planting,” says Catalina Bardewyk, Business Unit Manager for the New Technologies division at Kwizda Agro. “We continue serving major markets with much needed innovations which fill gaps in the protection of forestry and agriculture. In doing so, we are laying the foundation for sustainable growth and successful partnerships to develop new, primarily biological product innovations.”

TRICO® from Austria’s plant protection product manufacturer Kwizda Agro is based on the biological active ingredient sheep fat. Developed around three decades ago in conjunction with hunters, for use by hunters. In the past, hunters used sheep's wool to protect young trees and shoots from being browsed, frayed or debarked by deer. Kwizda Agro adopted the idea and used its expertise in formulating complex solutions to develop TRICO®, an efficient, effective and easy-to use deer repellent. The repellent is used across the forest industry and by professional forest managers, who need to maximize their reforestation targets. The active ingredient has an olfactory effect against deer, elk and moose, proven by numerous studies and field trials. Trico®, in Europe, can also be applied to a range of plants such as ornamentals, fruit trees, bushes and perennials. The long-lasting and environmentally friendly effect in connection with a natural, odorless active ingredient, makes the product the gold standard in Europe.


TRICO® FORESTRY CAMPUS strengthens forestry-network

Many forests in Europe were also affected by calamities caused by forest fires and bark beetles. To discuss sustainable strategies for reforestation and forest development, Kwizda Agro hosts the TRICO® FORESTRY CAMPUS in Kitzbuehel/Austria from June 7th to 9th. The company wants to connect experts from the fields of forestry and timber industry, science, politics and NGOs from North America and Europe to establish a long-term dialogue. This should subsequently form the basis for jointly launching solutions that ensure sustainable forest development towards climate-friendly forests. Kwizda Agro will contribute its own expertise in forests and wild animals and, in particular, in a deer-friendly forest management.


About Kwizda Agro

Kwizda Agro GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of chemical and biological pesticides in Austria. Kwizda Agro is part of the Kwizda group, consisting of the business areas pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical trade, agro and sealing systems. In total, over 300 employees work at the various Kwizda Agro locations. The head office is in Vienna. There are sales locations for crop protection in addition to Austria in Hungary and Romania, and for the biocides sector also in France, Germany, Italy and Spain. The New Tech division concentrates on the development and international sales of proprietary and innovative biological products for forestry as well as special crops and arable farming.

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