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Kwizda Agro enters US market and continues the successful run of its wildlife browsing product Trico®

We have obtained nationwide registration in the USA for the bio-repellent Trico®. This means that the best-selling Trico®, which is produced in Leobendorf, will also be exported to North America in the future.


With the wildlife browsing product Trico®, Kwizda Agro has received nationwide registration for a biological crop protection product in the USA. The target markets for Trico® are home and garden, forestry and agriculture. Trico® scores points for its simple application, long-lasting and efficient action, and gentle and natural active ingredient. Registration in Canada is expected by the end of 2021.

"Part of Kwizda Agro's commercially sustainable approach is to serve future markets in good time with appropriate products, to expand further and to be perceived as a strong and relevant partner for the development and distribution of primarily organic products. With the nationwide registration of Trico® in the USA, the company will have a strong presence in the future, especially in the home and garden sector," says Catalina Bardewyk, Business Unit Manager for New Technologies at Kwizda Agro.

Trico® is the gold standard for repellents in Europe

In the USA, a large number of repellents have already been approved for use in the home and garden, but none of these products have been registered as organic plant protection products. The majority have only a so-called 25B registration with no or only limited efficacy studies. Due to lack of efficacy, high odor in some cases, and uncertainty about the regulatory future of these products, there is a strong need among users for better solutions. "Thanks to its innovative formulation, Trico® is weatherproof, works efficiently and only needs to be applied every four months. For this reason, and because of the nationwide registration, we are confident that Trico® will also become a bestseller in North America," emphasizes Bardewyk. The active ingredient and concentrate are manufactured in Austria, with only packaging and filling for the target markets in North America taking place in the USA.

The plant protection product is based on a biological active ingredient that has an olfactory and gustatory scaring effect on wild animals, especially red deer, elk and wapitis. Trico® can be applied to plants of all kinds, such as ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs and perennials, and vegetable fields to protect them from damage. As a result, the product meets the gold standard in the field of repellents in Europe. TRICO® will also play an important role in sustainable reforestation in North America.



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