New biological pesticide for sustainable peronospora control.

Biofungicide is a new frontier in sustainable Downy Mildew control in grapes.


Kwizda Agro and Jouffray-Drillaud signed an exclusive co-operation agreement that allows the Austrian plant protection producer to develop, register and distribute the biological foliar fungicide UPSIDE® in Central Europe. The fungicide is based on a complex of active molecules produced from yeast fragments (ABE-IT-56). With its new mode of action and high efficacy, UPSIDE® will play a fundamental role in conventional and organic wine production. The registration of UPSIDE® in Central European markets is planned for 2023.

Kwizda Agro and Jouffray-Drillaud are proud to announce their exclusive partnership to register and launch UPSIDE® based on the active ingredient ABE-IT-56, in Central European markets. UPSIDE® provides effective Downy Mildew control by triggering the plants immune system, helping it to defend itself faster and more robustly against pathogens.

”Kwizda Agro is regarded as a leading expert in the development, positioning and registration of products for the protection of grapes in Central Europe. With Jouffray-Drillaud we have a strong development partner, who allows us to bring the new foliar biofungicide UPSIDE®, a new tool for Downy Mildew control, to conventional and biological wine producers”, states Catalina Bardewyk, Business Unit Head “New Technologies” at Kwizda Agro. “UPSIDE® is a truly unique and powerful new biofungicide – efficacious but sustainable, an optimal addition to our portfolio and fits very well with the targets set by ourselves and the Green Deal.”

”Kwizda Agro and Jouffray-Drillaud have a united goal to offer farmers ecological and efficient products. After having worked closely with Kwizda Agro during the last few years, we are convinced that this partnership will enable UPSIDE® to become a biopesticide reference product on the major European markets“, says Luc Saint-Bonnet, CEO of Jouffray-Drillaud. “Our goal is to design innovative products that meet society’s environmental expectations.”


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