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Digital vine4cast Service Ensures Planning Security in Viticulture

Kwizda Agro Delivers Instant Weather and Disease Forecasts with Just One Click.


Vienna, June 20, 2024 — Kwizda Agro's new digital service is now available to viticulturists in a beta version free of charge until the end of the year. Weather analyses, disease risks, and optimal plant protection measures are accessible through the "vine4cast" service. This provides vintners with planning security and tailored information for optimal vine protection.

Climatic conditions and precise care of vine stocks are key factors for a successful wine harvest. Weather-related diseases, such as true and false mildew, can jeopardize a fruitful harvest unless timely measures are taken. Kwizda Agro not only offers state-of-the-art plant protection measures but now also a digital tool for targeted care of vineyards with "vine4cast". Since April, the beta version of the digital service has been available free of charge to vintners in Germany, Austria, Hungary, and Romania until the end of 2024. Currently, about 4,500 virtual points have been allocated in these countries. The service can be tested for free at a location even before the official launch. Insights gained from the beta version will be incorporated before the launch, planned for 2025.

"The digital transformation, combined with the latest plant protection measures, creates a comprehensive safety net for agriculture. Kwizda Agro focuses on creating digital solutions to enable more targeted and customized plant protection. In collaboration with a startup, we have developed 'vine4cast'—an innovation for both conventional and organic viticulture that makes ideal spraying weather and disease risks accessible on mobile devices. This way, we make Kwizda Agro's expertise quickly and easily available to vintners," says Andreas Reischütz, Sales Manager for Germany and Austria at Kwizda Agro.


Through Digital Transformation to Optimal Decision-Making in Vine Protection

Vintners can see in advance when their vine stocks are at risk with the innovative "vine4cast" service. Detailed weather analyses calculate the infection risk to the vine stocks, thus enabling precise countermeasures. Growth models of various vine varieties are also used to provide a detailed picture of the growth stages and current condition of the vines. Based on radar measurements, precipitation per point is also visually displayed. Vintners thus have a comprehensive view of their vines at a click from anywhere, ensuring planning security in foliage and soil work as well as in the optimal application of plant protection measures.


Prevention against Peronospora or Oidium

Whether on a smartphone, tablet, or laptop - complex analyses and the calculation of current phenology are user-friendly and accessible from anywhere through Kwizda Agro's service. The service accesses data from 40 weather models twice daily to evaluate a reliable weather forecast for the respective location. Combined with a comprehensive precipitation analysis, "vine4cast" calculates the optimal application of plant protection measures, tailored for one's own vines. This enables early precaution and intervention, so that Peronospora or Oidium stand no chance.

With "vine4cast", Kwizda Agro takes another step towards the digitalization of plant protection and sets a best practice example of how successful synergy between innovation and agriculture can look. As with viticulture, such digital solutions are also planned for other areas of plant protection in the future.

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