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Kwizda Agro Combats Plant Stress

Plant Protection Expert Launches New Biostimulant Product.


Vienna, April 29, 2024 — Numerous abiotic factors such as extreme weather events, drought, or soil degradation pose significant challenges to agricultural crops, impacting their health, growth, and subsequently the quality of harvests. To counter these challenges, Kwizda Agro has introduced a new biostimulant to its product portfolio: "Kwizda Vital Essence," which supports optimal plant development across all cultures.

"Kwizda Vital Essence" has been specifically developed to enhance plant vitality through multiple pathways: Its blend of natural plant extracts and biological substances promotes growth and health. The biostimulant product features a unique combination of ingredients, including amino acids, seaweed extracts, vinasse, and natural plant hormones. By actively enhancing root development, "Kwizda Vital Essence" also improves nutrient uptake and strengthens plant cellular metabolism. With natural compounds like betaine, it enhances plant resilience to abiotic stress factors such as drought, heat, and frost.

Ronald Hamedl, Managing Director at Kwizda Agro, highlights the benefits of the new product: "By activating the plants’ natural defense mechanisms, they become less susceptible to fungi and diseases and are overall healthier. This enables farmers to reduce their use of fungicides and environmental impact while simultaneously increasing their yields."

Another advantage of "Kwizda Vital Essence" is its positive effect on soil quality. By activating soil life and promoting the decomposition of crop residues, it contributes to improved soil structure and fertility. This leads to healthier soils and more sustainable agricultural practices over the long term. "With 'Kwizda Vital Essence,' we offer farmers an effective way to support their plants and soils naturally. We are proud to contribute to more sustainable agriculture," adds Hamedl.

Biostimulants have gained significant importance worldwide—especially in Europe—over the past five years. The global market was estimated at $3.8 billion in 2023. The increasing demand for biostimulants in organic farming is expected to further drive market growth.

For more information on biostimulants: https://www.kwizda-agro.at/biostimulanzien


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About Kwizda Agro

Kwizda Agro GmbH is a leading provider of chemical and biological plant protection products and part of the Kwizda Group in Austria. The company develops innovative active ingredients and has extensive expertise in producing complex and high-quality formulations. The Technology and Product Development, along with Crop Solutions divisions, focus on the development and international distribution of the company's own innovative biological products for forestry, specialty crops, and arable farming. Through its own international sales network, the company expertly advises users on location-appropriate and sustainable plant protection. In total, over 400 employees are employed at locations in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, and the USA, ensuring vital crops in agriculture and healthy gardens as places of relaxation.

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Photos (reproduction free of charge, Copyright: Kwizda Agro GmbH)



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Flyer (reproduction free of charge, Copyright: Kwizda Agro GmbH)