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Sneak-Preview: Plant Protection through Digital Solutions

Kwizda Agro's cutting-edge digital service tool is now in beta! Developed in collaboration with innovative startups and experts across fields, this service offers precise weather and disease forecasts, from Germany to the Black Sea.


Sneak-Preview: Digital Solutions for Plant Protection at Kwizda Agro

Data leads to insights, and insights combined with expertise lead to actionable strategies, resulting in digital, enhanced services. This is exactly what we're diligently working on, in collaboration with startups, developers, and knowledgeable experts at #kwizdaagro.

The beta version of our Vine4cast service is now analyzing weather and disease forecasts from Germany to the Black Sea coast, offering vineyard owners greater precision in protecting their vines against weather hazards, infections, and infestations.

Our digital service will be a valuable asset for winemakers, producers, cooperatives, and consultants, providing them with effective crop protection solutions.

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