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The Future of Plant Protection is Digital

Kwizda Agro Introduces a New Digitalization Team with Mark Winkler at the Helm.


Vienna, April 2, 2024 – Kwizda Agro, the leading provider of plant protection products in Austria, is now focusing on the digital transformation of plant protection. Since the beginning of the year, the newly established digitalization team has been working towards supporting Kwizda Agro's own specialists, as well as farmers and vintners, through innovative digital solutions. Leading this team is Mark Winkler (50), an experienced expert in the fields of digitalization and innovation.

Mark Winkler, who previously held senior positions at international technology corporations such as Dell, Fujitsu, and Samsung, brings a wealth of experience in strategic business development and the implementation of digital business models. Since 2024, he has been responsible as the "Head of Digitalization" at Kwizda Agro for developing digital services in the area of Smart Farming, assisting the company in its digital transformation. "Our aim is to support farmers with practical digital services in cultivation and plant protection," explains Mark Winkler. "We are developing innovative solutions, both in collaboration with other companies and internally, to reflect Kwizda Agro's expertise in digital applications."

A key focus of the digitalization strategy is on Precision Farming, which enables a more precise, efficient, and thus more sustainable cultivation of agricultural land. "In collaboration with a startup, we are currently working on an important service for viticulture, which makes ideal spraying weather and disease pressure accessible on mobile devices across Austria, Hungary, Romania, and parts of Germany. This is achieved through the complete digitalization of all components, allowing for cost-effective, precisely geocoded, and comprehensive data aggregation. Similar support is also planned for field crops."

Part of the digitalization strategy includes the further development of the Spray Plan Configurator presented last year, which already combines Kwizda Agro's existing expertise with individual planning options for farmers. Currently, this free tool is available for conventional and organic viticulture and can be used on desktops. The next development phase will expand the service to include a wide range of field crops, make it available on smartphones, and intelligently connect it with digital solutions for spraying weather and disease pressure.

With the new team, Kwizda Agro is taking an important step towards the digitalization of agriculture. "Our digital services – combined with our extensive portfolio of plant protection products and our expertise – offer comprehensive solution competence for farmers, foresters, and vintners," emphasizes Ronald Hamedl, Managing Director of Kwizda Agro, highlighting the relevance of the company's digital innovations.

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Mark Winkler, along with his team, is responsible for digital plant protection solutions at Kwizda Agro.



About Kwizda Agro

Kwizda Agro GmbH is one of the leading providers of chemical and biological plant protection products and is part of the Kwizda Group in Austria. The company develops innovative plant protection products and has extensive expertise in the production of complex and high-quality formulations. The Technology and Product Development as well as Crop Solutions divisions focus on the development and international distribution of the company's own innovative biological products for forestry, special cultures, and arable farming. Through its own international sales network, the company competently advises users on location-appropriate and sustainable plant protection. In total, over 400 employees are employed at locations in Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Romania, and the USA, ensuring vital cultures in agriculture and healthy gardens as a place of recreation.

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